Friday, August 03, 2012

new project

Peeling the emulsion off of 30 inch c-prints is satisfying, although a tedious process. This new series titled efface is shipping off to the University of Missouri for a small solo show I have opening this month.

The proposed install at the university's Craft Studio Gallery is that the pieces will be suspended from the ceiling approximately four feet off the wall.  As you enter into the space, you are confronted by the backs of images, which construct an interior white "wall" within a white room.  The subtlety of the reflected wall light coming through the print is seen from the interior space or one can walk between the wall and the image to see the other side of the piece. In this series of photographs the emulsion of the image is peeled where figures exist in the frame. The peeling animates the image further when light it seen through it. My interest is in the tension between seeing the absence of the figure in the image and being hyper aware of one's own presence in the space (because of the more confined viewing experience).

Many thanks to fellow SFAI alumni Dan Farnum for the invitation to exhibit.

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