Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The wind howls

and the the weather changes within the hour, from puffy flakes as big as my thumb to small soft hail dancing across my face. It is magical here and not because I was in a sleep deprived delirium for my first day here. It's magical- the corse volcanic terrain in a blanket of white. The rich blues of the sunrise that takes hours to resolve only to be hiddened under a blanket of clouds. Today the golden sun, big like a harvest moon sitting above the horizon, appeared for a brief 5 minute break in the clouds. Golden light streaked across the road in front of us for a blink. We have been tooling around running errands, prepping for install, as if we've been here before. Amazing how easy it is to get around despite the snow and ice, thanks to GPS and four wheel drive. Everyone has been so helpful and as Heather says "twinkly!" Right now I'm waiting at Isafold for a final press check for the exhibition catalogue (i highly recommend them for anyone looking to self publish!) I am eager to start shooting but have much to do with the install for our opening on Saturday. I will post pictures soon...

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