Wednesday, November 30, 2011

embracing WINTER

 I'm eager to learn more about Iceland's winter... Heading there in January!!!!
"People also assume that the winter is not a good time to come (to Iceland) because it is cold and dark all of the time. Fortunately, in the winter, neither of these are true! While it can be cold in the winter, the average daily temperature is actually very similar to that of New York City. Furthermore, due to the angle of the earth relative to the sun, sunset and sunrise actually take a very long time, often more than two hours. These long periods of time produce deep colors in the sky and the landscape that you do not see in the lower latitudes. 
The other opportunity you have in the winter is to see the northern lights. In order to see these light you need a dark and clear sky. The best time of year to see the aurora borealis is between October and March, believe it or not by April there is too much light in the night sky!"- from Nes

Speaking of winter... check out this gorgeous new artist book by Paula McCartney!
"On Thin Ice, In a Blizzard is a subseries of my project, A Field Guide to Snow and Ice.   While all of the images in the field guide are excerpts of natural landscapes—just not all snow and ice—the images in this book were constructed in the darkroom.  A winter of my imagination." - Paula McCartney

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