Wednesday, September 14, 2011

more of the f-word

Anonymous Was A Woman Awards
     Anonymous Was A Woman annually selects ten artists to receive "no strings" grant of $25,000 enabling women, over 45 years of age and at a critical juncture in their lives or careers, to continue to grow and pursue their work.     Lauren Katzowitz Shenfield, administrator of the program, explains, "Anonymous Was A Woman Awards are synonymous with important recognition in artists' personal and artistic development.  The financial gift helps artists buy time, space, materials, and equipment and, sometimes, recover from traumatic life events.  In itself, the Award helps the artists feel recognized and honored by other distinguished women who seek no credit for the role they play."
     The name of the grant program, Anonymous Was A Woman, refers to a line in Virginia Wolf's A Room of One's Own.  As the name implies, the nominators and those associated with the program are un-named.     To date, 131 women have received the award.  Each year, an outstanding group of distinguished women - art historians, curators, writers and previous winners - serve as nominators.    Anonymous Was A Woman, a program of FJC-A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds, is administered by Philanthropy Advisors, a comprehensive consulting and management organization for private philanthropy.

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