Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Liz Steketee's One Picture Book

(c) Liz Steketee

I was so excited to receive the latest subscription from Nazraeli Press. The NZ One Picture Books are some of my favorite books in my collection and have discussed them on this blog before...
BUT yesterday I opened the box and was ecstatic to see my friend and fellow SFAI alumni Liz Steketee's book!

#72: Dystopia is a must for any collection. The beauty of this series of books is that there is an original print tipped in the back which works so well for Liz's work as each of her pieces are hand altered (beat up, dyed, scratched etc.) to read like a turn of the century vintage print although the content is very contemporary. The objects - the book and the print - are lovely.

A beautiful show of this work and much more from Liz just closed this past weekend at Grinnell College.  Fortunately she has great installation shots for you to virtually visit the exhibition, its worth a look.

Part of Liz Steketee's Family Album installation at Faulconer Gallery, Grinnell College

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