Saturday, August 20, 2011

Great pop up show...

at Milwaukee's defunct Grand Avenue Mall hosted by Parachute Projects...  Featuring the work of Colin Matthes (American) and Kati Heck (German)

Unfortunately the work is only up through today but I encourage you to make an effort a see this show. I think it is one of the best shows I have seen in Milwaukee in many years.  The individual works by these two talented artists are captivating both formally and conceptually.
“It looks at our shared (American and German) national histories and gets it all wrong,” says Matthes. “It tells bits of stories about our world today. These stories are filled with pigeons, turkeys, and questionable characters.”  via A.V. Club
On top of this is the context of the exhibition in the mall that once was a crown jewel of retail in downtown Milwaukee and now is an abandoned shell scarred with ugly attempts to reformat the architecture for big box stores. The exhibition is installed in three of the many empty store fronts of the 2nd floor of mall.  Milwaukee artists should follow the Parachute Project's lead and repopulate the mall with more events that call into question the relationship between art and retail and that promotes community verses exclusivity.

sorry about the low res iPhone pictures... does not do justice to the show!

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Sara Caron said...

Hey Sonja, glad to see some writing about this project. I loved it. I thought it was so well considered. What do you figure the "relationship between art and retail" actually is? I feel like something I actually really respect is when artists take a system, like a store, for example, and repurpose it in a responsible, creative way. Golden Age in Chicago or Kiosk in New York are good examples.