Tuesday, July 19, 2011

apply by August 7...

 Attention Milwaukee artists... apply to the MARNmentor program by August 7,2011. 

I am pleased to be a Mentor this year as I am passionate about MARN's mission to cultivate relationships among artists. I hope to not only cultivate relationships but also a rigorous discourse about contemporary art. 
I am looking to work with someone who demonstrates discipline in their practice, conceptual thinking in their work and an eagerness to dive in.  If this sounds like you please apply now!

From MARN:
To strengthen the network of support for artists, provide in-depth professional resources and to contribute to the health of Wisconsin's arts community, MARN has created MARNmentors for visual artists, literary artists, filmmakers, composers, and arts administrator in the Milwaukee area. MARN will act as a liaison between established working artists and administrators and those who are pursuing a career in the arts. Several established arts professionals with a proven track record of professionalism and who have a desire to pass on their knowledge to developing artists, have been selected as Mentors.

MARN and its Mentors believe it is essential to Milwaukee's art community that we cultivate relationships among our artists, and provide opportunities that encourage artists to stay and work in Milwaukee. 
We are looking for highly motivated Protégées to participate in this program.

Being picked as a Protégée you...

  • work with one of the most respected cretive talents in the state
  • get into all the MARN workshops for a year for free
  • get a free MARN membership for a year
  • are guaranteed a spot in the final Mentor / Protégée exhibition or performance 
  • get you and your work published in the MARNmentors catalog
  • are added to a group of past and present mentors and protégées that meet to critique their art
Deadline to apply for visual artists, composers, filmmakers, and writers is August 7th, 2011. Please submit:
  • A one page letter of intent - information about you and your work what you'd like to get out of MARNmentors
  • 10 visuals or samples of your work - ideally this would be a CD or DVD of images for visual art applicants, a total of 15-20 minutes of video or audio for film, screenwriting, or composing applicats, or 20-50 pages for literary or screenwriting applications 
  • A CV or Resume
Send to melissam@marnonline.com with the subject: MARNmentors: visual (or filmmaking, or literary, or composition).  Or via snail mail to:
MARN5407 W. Vliet St.
Milwaukee, WI 53208

Questions?  Contact:  Melissa Musante, melissam(at)marnonline(dot)com or 414/732-2121. 

 Additional Important Information:

  • Visual Art, Filmmaking, Composing, and Literary Protégées may not be currently pursuing a degree
  • Mentors choose which protégée they would like to work with
  • You may specify which Mentor(s) you would like to work with in your letter of intent
  • Tution:
    • While the actual yearly cost per protege is $2500 there is only a $100 tuition. 
    • Tuition can easily be off-set by serving volunteer hours at the gallery or doing outreach on MARN's behalf (roughly a total of 40 hours over the course of the mentorship)  
    • Payment plans are available
    • The $100 tuition includes admission to MARN's 2010/11 Workshops and a Full Membership to MARN
Santiago Cucullu: Visual Arts
Brad Bernard: Visual Arts
Reginald Baylor: Visual Arts
Jose Chavez: Visual Arts
Kendall Polster: Visual Arts
Sonja Thomsen: Visual Arts
Valerie Christell: Visual Arts
Anne Kingsbury: Visual Arts
kathryn e. martin: Visual Arts
John Riepenhoff:  Visual Arts
Richard Taylor: Visual Arts
Nathaniel Stern: Visual Arts
Fahimeh Vahdat: Visual Arts
Jason Yi: Visual Arts
Dasha Kelly: Literary Arts
John Kishline: Directing
Jeff Kurz: Screen Writing
Ken Kornacki: Filmmaking  (Narrative, Commercial, or Experimental)
Janet Fitch: Filmmaking (Documentary)
Mark Mantel: Composing
Pegi Christiansen: Arts Administration IN:SITE

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