Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Pause, to Begin BOOK

Pause To Begin Catalogue Book- Available here
$31.99 Shipping December 20th from Booksmart Studio

2009Pause, to Begin is a unique project born in discussions about the direction of contemporary photography today. A competition geared towards the emerging photographer, Pause, to Begin selected 15 photographers in April, 2008. After a juried selection, the creators of Pause, to Begin traveled 10,000 miles to meet and interview the selected photographers about their work.

The beautiful hardbound catalogue (color, 108 pages) accompanies the Pause, to Begin exhibition held at Booksmart Studio from January 2–30, 2009, and is limited to 500 copies. The remarkable catalogue showcases the work of the 15 selected photographers, as well as statements on photography the creation of Pause, to Begin by founders Ethan Jones and David Wright; advisors John Paul Caponigro and Joyce Tenneson; juror Cig Harvey; and editorial director Susan Morelock.

Matthew Gamber

Tealia Ellis-Ritter

John Mann

Colin Blakely

Thomas Prior

Sonja Thomsen

Timothy Briner

Alejandro Cartagena

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