Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Two Minds, Four Hands, Twenty Fingers

The past two weeks have been jammed packed with scanning, print layouts, and promo design. I am trying to get ready for my last visit to the Hermitage in Florida--which I leave for on Sunday--and Review Santa Fe shortly there after. Adam Longbonz--my new assistant has been a great help (and comic relief) the past couple weeks. He seems to navigate my disorderly organizational system without too much confusion!
Today a strange buzz has been in the air at the Shampoo Horn. I successfully got a great design worked out with Loveleaf press--check em' out. Dan Saal is graciously sharing his talents by aiding in the design of my new lacuna book. Adam sold two pieces. Not to mention my chicken salad sandwich was pretty righteous.
Not bad for a Tuesday.

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