Friday, May 22, 2009

Suzan Zeder and Billy Seago...

Today I had the honor of attending a reading of Suzan Zeder's new play The Edge of Peace, starring Billy Seago playing Tuc. It was an affecting performance. It is such an honor to share my time at the Hermitage Artist Retreat with Suzan and Billy.

The Edge of Peace is the third play in Zeder's trilogy about the small town of Ware in the 1940's. Mother Hicks takes place in the 1930's and is the first play of the trilogy. The Taste of Sunrise is the second play and takes the audience back in time to the 1920's focusing on the character Tuc.
The Edge of Peace is the third play in a trilogy that began with Zeder’s award-winning, play Mother Hicks. Set in 1945 in the final desperate months of World War II, this play explores the impact on a family and community when a local boy is declared MIA overseas and his younger brother refuses to believe what seems inevitable. This staged reading features Seattle actor Billy Seago as the Deaf postman, Tuc. In the visual poetry of American Sign Language, Tuc takes us on a journey of hope through a landscape of loss.

on the Hermitage porch- sonja, jim, suzan & billy

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