Friday, January 09, 2009

rochester to new york city...

by way of Amtrak. The train was a pleasant experience with a beautiful vista of the Hudson River for the first 5 hours then news of the delay spread and the energy on the crowded cars grew more anxious.

theanyspacewhatever show at the Guggenheim was a treat as well as seeing the Catherine Opie show before it closed.

Justine and I had a great time catching up during the short weekend visit. See her new G10 - yes I had camera envy. Justine just launched her website - check it out here.

Heather Hambrecht of (h(om)e) was my travel companion last weekend. It was great to have a friend along every step of the way. She too had business in New York - fabric shopping and meetings with boutiques.

My first trip to Mood Fabrics. It was amazing watching heather shop - I had no idea what I was looking at but she was specific, speedy and decisive in her buying.

Home again, Home again. Back to the chilly Wisconsin tundra and the 6 inches of snow...

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