Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Opening in Chicago

Almost one year after the incredible SPA opening (9-8-07) at Silverstein Photography in New York NY, I found myself at an opening (9-5-08) at David Weinberg Gallery in Chicago IL. It was a great night.
  1. Thanks to Cain (my wonderful husband)
  2. Thanks to the parents- making it to a early Friday night opening out of town.
  3. Thanks to Lisa for stopping by the show after a long day of looking at photographs in Chicago and prior to driving back to Milwaukee fighting traffic all the way.
  4. Thanks to Mel and Dan's support and attendance. Plus and awesome gift!!!
  5. Thanks to David Weinberg.
  6. Thanks to Alec's opening across the street at Stephen Daiter and his always warm smile.
  7. Thanks to Jon and Brian for stopping by.
  8. Thanks to Jason for his visit and sincere conversation.
  9. Thanks to Laura and Micah for driving down from WI.
  10. Thanks to curator Aaron Ott - check him out on the right flashing the ring next to Cain! (David Weinberg in the back)


Kevin said...

Sorry to have missed the opening, Sonja. Congrats on the show!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kevin. Looking forward to your show at INOVA!