Thursday, September 25, 2008

Art for Obama..

Todd Hido
#6097, 2006, 11"x14" C-Print, from the series A Road Divided
Caption Info: "From my upcoming solo show in San Francisco
that opens the day after Obama could win the election!”
Artist's Proof #2

My friend Eirik Johnson recently told me about Art for Obama an incredible fundraising effort to help elect Barack Obama come November. I have been thinking about trying a similar effort to fund raise for Obama with the sale of a piece of my petroleum piece... fight big oil with oil...more on that soon. The list of participating artists in Art for Obama is incredible! This is a not to be missed opportunity for collectors and liberals alike. The auction opens October 1st and closes October 8th.

Art for Obama is an online auction of photographs to benefit the Obama Campaign. Fifty of the country's most prominent artists and photographers have donated their work for this cause. The auction will launch on October 1st and will run for one week. All proceeds from the auction will go to the Obama Campaign, to the Democratic National Committee and to non-profit organizations such as, which are currently devoting their energy to helping the Obama campaign. Proceeds will be distributed in strict accordance with Federal Election Commmission regulations.

Eirik Johnson
Untitled (never-land), 20" x 24" Chromogenic Print Borderlands, 2005,
Notes: Homeless encampment, sign reads "Never Never-Land, Home to the Lost Boys"
Edition: 3/10

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Michael McGraw Photography said...

Thanks for turning me onto Todd Hido. The images from this series are amazing. For sure the best in-the-car pictures I've ever seen.