Friday, July 18, 2008

shark teeth, turtle nests and a full moon... day 11

So yesterday we found out from the palentologist walking the beach that the best time for finding sharks teeth was low tide on the full moon. Well that was this morning and look what my friend from Cincinnati found... good looking shark tooth! I was not as lucky but did not put in as much time either.

The other thing that I have been anticipating (during the full moon) is turtle sightings!

If only I took a walk late last night, I might have see this turtle that ventured from the water to build a nest right in front of the Hermitage!

These women are part of the turtle patrol and mark and record every nest that is spotted each morning. The gestation period for the nests are 50 days. And at 53 days the turtle patrol digs up the nests to count the egg shells and rescue any living hatchlings that couldn't get out of the nest.
They are doing a dig tomorrow and I hope to join them bright and early after staying up all night on the look out for turtles coming in.

They were so kind to include my initials on the marking stick for the nest as one of the spotters. Right behind the yellow stick is where you can see the loose sand that she kicked up to make her nesting hole. So amazing!

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