Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ms. Wong

I have mentioned Kristina already on this blog, she is the other fellow here at the Hermitage. We have enjoyed each others company and share stories on the beach. We have much in common although we work very differently. I am happy to have met her and look forward to watching her career further explode... (she has a creative capital grant to produce and show wong flew over the cuckoo's nest and just gave a commencement speech at her alma mater UCLA, among many other things...)

Today I received a beautiful gift from Kristina... this hand-made felt turtle. She creates many creatures while watching TV... cnn and vh1 to be specific. Be sure to read the fine print...

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kristina said...

ha ha. i finally peeled my crack ass off the couch to read this. so wonderful to have a whole entry on your blog! i will link this to my blog. yes, we work very differently. i crack/craft smoke and talk too much, and you shoot photos of oil and water and appreciate things like how the blue of a shirt matches the blue of the sky. and we both freak out at 4am about things which ultimately point to how lucky we are. hurrah!