Monday, July 07, 2008

Kristina Wong & Hermitage Artist Retreat

So I leave tomorrow for my time at the Hermitage Artist Retreat. I am looking forward to my time there. I will admit I am nervous about the heat, humidty and BUGS... check out this video that Kristina Wong another fellow at Hermitage posted...

I am really looking forward to making the best out of my two weeks on the ocean and meeting Kristina in person... her bio is incredible (see upcoming events on her website) and her videos are so much fun.

Update: No more roaches... thanks Kristina!


kristina wong said...

so sweet this blog entry. don't worry, just bring bug spray for your skin. i killed the roaches and they sprayed here so i haven't had problems in the last week. yay! company. you will have to come check out this biker bar with me. i'm too scared to go in alone. it's at the end of the key.

kristina wong said...

oh, yeah, the heat and humidity is nothing. it rains some afternoons. the big thing that was bugging me was the bugs and the ghost. but you have me to protect you.