Friday, April 18, 2008

Must see in Milwaukee...

Busy night tonight... off to see as much work as possible. Spring Gallery Night in Milwaukee is always one of the best art events in town. There are many openings tonight but the one not to miss is the 2008 MARNmentors Show Two at Hotcakes Gallery.
Show Opens tonight from 6-9pm and runs April 18 - May 04. Gallery is open TH-SU 12-5PM

I am really excited to see my good friend Mel Trittin's work at Hotcakes Gallery. Most of you probably know her as cigarettesandpurity She will be showing her new series "Promised Land." From Mel's statement about the work...
I’m interested in what I perceive as contradictions.

When I learned of a paintball park called Promised Land, which advertised itself as “America’s best Christian paintball park,” my upbringing by a pacifist minister compelled me to investigate.

It is a great series of work and it is Mel's first Milwaukee exhibition, I look forward to it!

Mel Trittin "...Praise God for Paintball." 2007

Showing with her is her mentor during the project Kevin Miyazaki who is showing some new work from his Fast Food series

Kingshighway Blvd., S. Grand Ave., and Jefferson Ave. Locations
© kjm

The group show also includes work from colleagues Jason Yi, Rina Yoon and Fahimeh Vahdat who are all professors at MIAD.

Our seniors at MIAD have a big opening tonight as there senior thesis is unveiled to the public...

Katelynd Donoghue MIAD class of 2008

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