Saturday, March 15, 2008

in Houston... FOTOFEST

Visiting Houston to see my friend Rachel Hewlett who is the Education Coordinator at HCP and to check out the FOTOfest events...

HCP has three interesting shows up right now; Habitat 7 - Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao, Native Land- Houston Chinese Photographic Society, Mined in China. I am really interested in Jeff Liao's work in the first gallery - Habitat 7.
Four of the earliest major civilizations were formed in river valleys. The fertile lands provided surpluses of food that allowed for the growth of populations, development of cities, and thus civilizations were created.
Though we now live in an industrial and technological era, where the survival of our existence no longer simply depends on the availability of food, the pattern of our quest for living space still resembles that of the ancient river valley civilizations. Such is the premise of the 7 Train, the seven-mile-long subway line that connects New York City´s Times Square with seven communities in northwest Queens, the most ethnically diverse county in the country.

There is a 12 minute video running in the space in which Anne Wilkes Tucker interviews Jeff Liao about his process and the ideas about his work. He is shooting with the 8 x 10 camera and compositing the urban landscapes.
LIRR, Hunter´s Point, 2004, 40 x 96 inches, pigment ink print

on Thursday March 13...crappy iphone pictures...
Off to the George Krause opening at the Harris Gallery...

Then to the Dawoud Bey opening at the CAM
Kevin, digital C-print, 40 x 30 in., © Dawoud Bey

Then to Lawndale Art Center to see Chuy Benitez. His exhibition Houston Cultura was interesting. I had seen some of the work in the HCP publication SPOT earlier this year.

Rachel and Chuy

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