Sunday, January 27, 2008

new video piece...burning water

I was asked by the art critic for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to participate in a new project that would showcase artists in the region.
What would happen if some of Milwaukee's best artists had five minutes to spend with you, the readers of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel?

Mary Louise Schumacher asked four artists to create a 5min video about why and how they make their work. I was interested in using this opportunity to work with video footage I had collected of a lake in northern wisconsin and used motor oil in my backyard. I was pleased to collaborate with a talented sound and video artist, Jason Nanna.

It was a great experience and challenge to create a 5min piece in one month - in a medium I am not as familiar with. Jason taught me a lot about basic video and sound editing and I am really pleased with what we came up with. We approached the project as an opportunity to create a new piece of artwork that references my photographs and speaks to some of my influences.

The project - In the Making - was launched last week on the Journal Sentinel's website. Let me know what you think...

jason yi

katie e. martin

jill sebastian



csr said...

looks great sonja!
how is everything else with you?
drop me a line one of these days please.

anne said...

Very amazing. Thanks for sharing
Hope you are well.
much love. :)

George said...

I found the water footage very absorbing (no pun intended); I wanted to stay with that material for a longer time, as it was quite meditative and calming. And the oil material was compelling, politically speaking. And, the combination provides a nice summary statement about your efforts, which is a great thing to happen in five minutes. But together, the pieces undermined each other, the cross-fading of image and sound seemed kind of polemical. I'm interested in why you chose to reflect yourself in both liquids--tipping your hat? A wonderful piece, all things considered. Thanks for letting me know about it, Sonja.