Wednesday, September 12, 2007

more about Silverstein Opening

Now that I have had a bit of time to process the whirlwind visit I would like to share a bit about the wonderful things I was able to see and the incredible artists I had the opportunity to meet.

Upon arrival to NY we headed straight to Chelsea and visited Yossi Milo Gallery, ClampArt, Robert Mann Gallery and a sneak peak of Silverstein Photography. Out for a quick bite at Nisos on 19th St. and back to Silverstein for the opening. What a turnout! The gallery looked great- I was impressed with how they showcased 10 different artists and managed to give each one plenty of space. The gallery and the street outside were mobbed with people and energy.

It was an exciting evening and meeting the other artists in the show was one of the highlights.

Michael Lundgren is living and working in Phoenix AZ. I met him four years ago in San Francisco at one of Linda Connor's parties. It was great to reconnect with a fellow "landscape" photographer and his work was breathtaking in person.

Curtis Mann is finishing up his MFA in Chicago. I was happy to make another Midwest connection. The object that is the photograph - its emulsion and substrate- becomes the focus of Curtis' work. I enjoy how his photographs dance with drawing.

Will Michels was a joy to talk with. He is an animated storyteller and his passion for his work is palpable. I have seen his work in a variety of venues online and it was great to view the work in person.

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