Saturday, April 28, 2007

Wisconsin Triennial

It would be great to see friendly faces at the Triennial opening next Friday...

Madison Museum of Contemporary Art
227 State Street
Madison, Wisconsin

Opening Preview — May 4 • 5:30-9 pm

The 2007 Wisconsin Triennial is the eleventh statewide survey and exhibition undertaken by the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art since 1978.

2007 Wisconsin Triennial Participating Artists
Actualsize (Simpson/Georgiades)
William J. Andersen
Jennifer Angus
Derrick Buisch
Kyoung Ae Cho
Laurie Beth Clark
Cecelia Condit
Carl Corey
Santiago Cucullu
Jack Damer
Susan Dupor
Bob Erickson
Steven D. Foster
Gary John Gresl
Karen Gunderman
Erik Gunneson
Lane Hall/Lisa Moline
Douglas Holst
Chele Isaac
Jessica Jacobs
Hai-Chi Jihn
Tom Jones
Toby Kaufmann-Buhler
Letha Kelsey
Mark Klassen
Nicolas Lampert
Stephanie Liner
Beth Lipman
Tom Loeser
kathryn e. martin
Stephen R. Milanowski
Daniel O’Neal
Mat Rappaport
Michael T. Rea
Amy Ruffo
Jennifer San Martin
Sara Schneckloth
Diane Sheehan
J. Shimon & J. Lindemann
T. L. Solien
Roy Staab
Fred Stonehouse
Sonja Thomsen
George Williams Jr.
Jason Yi
Xiaohong Zhang

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Sara said...

Sonja -
It was lovely to meet the person behind the amazing images in the gallery! Your photographs are stunning.
Sara Schneckloth