Saturday, February 24, 2007

Photocentric 2007!

" Photocentric 2007 is the second iteration of MCP's juried exhibition of work by MCP members who live within 525 miles + a long day's drive + of our northeast Minneapolis location. The results demonstrate the range and vitality of contemporary photographic art within our region and introduce new artists to the Center's viewing audiences. Photocentric 2007 helps us develop a better picture of the circle we're the center of, a circle that offers a new view of what constitutes the "Midwest.""

I look foward to showing in this exhition at the Minnesota Center for Photography with good friends:
Lex Thompson
Jonathan Gitelson
Brian Ulrich
Mike Rebholz, fellow MIAD Professor in Madison
To see the range of work that will be in this show look here

The show will run March 31 - May 27.

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Mel Trittin said...

Congratulations! The serenity of your images is the pause that refreshes in a wonderful collection.