Wednesday, February 21, 2007

January flew by

I had a great trip out to NY at the beginning of January.

I went to see a great new musical Spring Awaking.

Spent a week in Queens with my good friend and fellow SFAI photography alumni Justine Reyes. Justine will be visiting Milwaukee to give an artist talk in March... stay tuned!

Spent a few days taking in great shows in Chelsea.
It was great to Brian Ulrich's show at Julie Saul Gallery. The James Bidgood prints at Clamp Art were beautiful. I was able to see one of David Hillard's pieces in the flesh at Yancey Richardson Gallery Richardson is currently showing portraits by Helen Van Meene. I am drawn to these classical contemporary portraits.

I really enjoyed the show at Foley Gallery, not to mention the space. What a beautful space. Tomas Allen's show "New Releases" is stunning. I really enjoy the narratives Allen creates by disecting pulp fiction novel covers.

I think one of the highlights of my visit was attending Henry Wessel's opening at Robert Mann Gallery, another beautiful gallery space. Wessel was one of my professors in graduate school at SFAI. Wessel's critiques were always intensely productive. Wessel's new 5 book box set by Stiedl was available at the gallery. I was happy to take that beautiful collection home with me. It was so great to catch up with him and many other SFAI Alumni. Henry Wessel, Walapai, Arizona, 1971

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