Wednesday, September 13, 2006

blogging... an education

so i am new to blogging and am definitely not an avid blogger... BUT i have been doing some research on the blogging community and found some really great blogs. I do have to admit the first quality photo blog i was introduced to was Brian Ulrich's , a site i frequent to stay informed and entertained... I have since become more familiar with the wonderful photography blogging world... much a do to a wonderful woman and photographer named Mel Trittin. Thanks for the education Mel. But in my research I have found very few photography blogs from women...? I would love to be introduced to some...
Speaking of women photographers and blogging, this is a beautiful image by Amy Stien. Amy was at Review Santa Fe with me this past May and we were in the juried show at PCNW this summer together, this image is a favorite.

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